Caleb M.H. Camrud

Language and Cultural Assistant

C.E.I.P. María Zambrano

Seville, Spain

Works Published/Accepted:

Camrud, C., & Dosanjh, R. (2022+). Continuous accessibility modal logics. Journal of Philosophical Logic, to appear, pp46.

Beall, J., & Camrud, C. (2020). A note on FDE “all the way up”. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 61(2), 283–296. (PDF)

Camrud, C., Camrud, E., Przybylski, L., & Weber, E. S. (2019). Stability of the Kaczmarz Reconstruction for Stationary Sequences. Complex Analysis and Operator Theory, 13(7), 3405–3427. (PDF)

Works Submitted:

Camrud, C., Goldbring, I., & McNicholl, T. (2022+). On the complexity of the theory of a computably presented metric structure. arXiv preprint, pp14. (PDF)

Camrud, C. (2022+). Generalized effective completeness for continuous logic. arXiv preprint, pp16. (PDF)

Camrud, C., & McNicholl, T. (2022+). Hyperarithmetic numerals. preprint, pp6. (PDF)

Works in Preparation:

Camrud, C., & Dosanjh, R. (2022+). Counterfactuals and continuous accessibility. draft, pp9.

Camrud, C. (2022+). Accounting for abstracta. draft, pp19.

Undergraduate Works Published:

Camrud, C. (2018). Film Review (The Greatest Showman). Film Matters, 9(2), pp2.

Camrud, C. (2016). Tears Without Tear Gas: The failure of the Umbrella Revolution and Hong Kong’s youth. Wittenberg University East Asian Studies Journal, 41, 40–60. (PDF)

List of Co-Authors:

Jc Beall, University of Notre Dame

Evan Camrud, Iowa State University

Ranpal Dosanjh, Iowa State University

Isaac Goldbring, University of California, Irvine

Timothy H. McNicholl, Iowa State University

Lee Przybylski, Iowa State University

Eric S. Weber, Iowa State University

Erdös Number: 4

Caleb Camrud

--> Jc Beall

--> John P. Burgess

--> R. D. Mauldin

--> Paul Erdös